Thursday, 30 August 2007

Strike it while it's hot.

I enjoyed Frogway so much! It was really fun. I laughed so much, now I croak.

We had the front row seats. Really, really, really bloody close to the stage, okay.

I got autographs from all the cast members. And the mother said I shouldn't have spent money on the programme book! Hah!

Here's a funny story. I brought my camera in hopes of making someone jealous. You know who you are, anyways.

I only managed to get two pics on my camera when it died on me. Honestly. My camera died on me.

It happened once in college. And the reason was because the camera was too cold. The batteries were cold.

WTF! Whose camera dies because of being cold har! Some more on a night like this oi!

My handphone's camera caught three photos and one of it ended up being blur, one ended looking weird and one looked decent. Oh well, something is better than nothing-lah, right?

I left The Actors Studio Bangsar with a smile plastered on my silly face.

And now I can't sleep because I am too happy. Plus, I am so full after having curry laksa for dinner just now. Jealous or not now?

I shall update more tomorrow. With 5 pictures from the night and other random pics.

P/S: You. The ones contemplating of going. Better go. Last day on Sunday. Go, okay.

P/P/S: Oh yes, Wednesday was quite a good day for me. I left home thinking "How can I get an A for Biopsychology when I can't bullshit?". I also ended up learning something for my Business Law. Or so I think. And I realised that I left college blushing over a compliment. Ho-hum. And I watched Frogway. Life is good. For now, at least.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the commercial! and the only thing i could think of was how skinny that woman (not elaine daly) is!

haha! and yes, i love that letter you wrote to roman


30 August 2007 at 09:47  
Blogger The Traipsing Gypsy said...

@ Aimee/Twin - Eh that skinny girl is really prettylah...can sing also. Her name's Chelsia Ng.

Haha! I wonder if he'd read it if we posted it to him.


30 August 2007 at 10:20  

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