Monday, 17 May 2010

Welcome to the master plan, don't care if you understand.

Holy hell! I haven't updated in a while, huh?

Hi again, people! I apologise for the serious lack of updates.
I've been busy.
No, really.

April was a crazy and hectic month.
One particular week in April stands out from the rest. 12th to 18th April will be my favourite week of the year.

I celebrated the Sinhalese New Year and the Tamil New Year. It was great times and great food with the family. I wouldn't trade it anything in the world.

I finally got my answer to a question that I have had since I was a little kid.

This reply came two days before my convocation. I literally skipped and hopped around my house, before yelling the news to my parents (talk about making a dramatic entrance). My dad looked at me in the face and said "I told you so".

The night before the reply came in, I couldn't go to bed because I was a nervous wreck. I went down at midnight to watch some TV. He sat there and told me to drink the cup of Milo that he had made for himself. While drinking, he told me not to worry about the university applications and that I would get a reply REAL soon, and that it would be a positive one.

He was right.

Finally, all the nightmares have disappeared. Come September, I will embark on a new journey in a foreign land. I'm excited, nervous, and terrified all at once. I will do my best to make everyone proud.

I attended my convocation on the 18th. After 4 years of assignments, presentations, exams, quizzes and lectures…I’m officially a graduate.

I couldn't feel my arms for days because of the many things I had to carry.

I had fun telling my nieces to not think of 2012 happening and that one day they'll hold a scroll too.

That week, I experienced SO many highs.

I felt like I was blessed in more ways than one. I was thankful for all the blessings I have received and for everyone that have stood by my side along the way.

So, that was my April in short.

I will come back and update often. I promise.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I see faces, guiding me back home.

If anyone can find a distinct similarity between David Cook, Frank Lampard, Shahid Kapoor, Clint Eastwood, and Matthew Morrison, I want to hear from you because quite frankly, I don't see any glaring similarity between them.

If I ever got on Parental Control, my parents would have a hard time trying to figure out my 'type' because I have no idea what my 'type' is.

In other completely unrelated news to this slightly bimbotic entry, it's the start of the third week, let's hope I get a favourable answer soon.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Here's my hello.

Wow. One month, one update? Tsk, tsk. Tardy child.

Alright, I apologise for a serious lack of updates. I've been busy running around chasing after people, papers and pens.

I will let you all know in due time. Right now, I don't want to jinx my chances and make the nightmares that have been keeping me up at night come true.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

We saw that little punk who's stealing your gay.

In case you didn't know, I saw Kris Allen on Monday.

How was it? It was AMAZING. I was not a huge fan of his (I'll admit he was one of my favourites though) but he knows how to put on a show.

Let's have a recap of what happened on that epic day.

I woke up early and remembered that I had to wrap this little gift for him.

Just a little reminder about Malaysia for him.

Sue texted me at about 10:50AM saying that she's got our tickets already. I started flailing because it finally hit me that I was going to see Kris Allen 'live'. I owe Sue a lot. Seriously, I want to treat her to dinner for all the help she's done for me.

Hasanah updated via Twitter that there were already about 20 people waiting at MidValley Centre Court, where the autograph session was supposed to take place. By 1PM, there were already 100+ people there. At that moment, I realised that we were not going to get his autograph.

Sue came to pick us up at 2:45PM and we headed over to Sri Hartamas to pick Kat up from college. We made our way to MidValley and along the way, Kat made me read the literature book she was supposed to analyse. I swear, it was weird. The author talked about garlic and making love in a bathtub. Interesting.

We had a hard time looking for a parking spot. IT WAS FULL EVERYWHERE. We ended up parking on the roof of The Gardens after going around in circles. We made our way to MidValley and went to find the rest of the Malaysian bunch from ontd_ai. We met up with Kavi, Wei Yng, Jerica and Susan. By then, the queue for the first 200 people already ended and only Hasanah, Wei Yng, Jerica and Susan made it. =(

The crowd.

Kat, Sue and I.

Kavi and I.

With Susan and Jerica.

With Shiori.

With Wei Yng, my saviour of the night.

Met and talked to Winnie for a a really short time due to interruption from my mother asking me where I was. Shiori came shortly after. All of us spent time the hours waiting for Kris to show up by singing (they were playing Kris's songs there over and over again), talking and posing for pictures. The organisers started giving out red and blue American Idol/StarWorld balloons.

We decided to head over to McDonalds' for a bite. The cashiers there saw us carrying the balloons and said they wanted them. One of them asked "THIS ONE IS BECAUSE OF KRIS, RIGHT? IS HE HERE? NO? OH, AT 6PM. I WANT TO GO SEE HIM BUT I CAN'T". It was funny but sad that she couldn't go see him because she had work. They still wanted balloons, so Kavi gave her one. I got a call from Jerica and a text from Susan saying that we should hurry back because people stole our standing spot.

Teri and her daughter, Mandy came over and chatted. It was sad she couldn't come see Kris with us. She needed three tickets (one for her and two for her kids) and I only had two. =(

Yi Ming and her sister came a few minutes later. I gave my two extra tickets to her. Ain came shortly after and we talked about her 'scoring an own goal for the opposing team to hand them the coveted trophy' moment on the radio. I was gutted that she didn't win the M&G passes to meet him.

We waited for Kris to come and JJ & Ean showed up to keep the crowd going. They asked us questions and threw a goodie bag into the crowd. We were too far away to win them. A few minutes later, Kris showed up and the crowd in MidValley went wild. Hands were up in the air and so were the banners.


Hi there, Kris!

Hasanah's durian sign. He obviously loved it.

We couldn't see a thing, so we decided to leave after five minutes and head to The Gardens Mall to get to the ballroom and wait there. On our way to the escalator, we saw a few (good-looking) ang mohs coming down the stairs. Kat instantly recognised them as the Kris Allen band, so we went up to them to say 'hello' (Drew ran away haha) and we asked them if we could take pics with them and get their autographs. They said 'okay', much to our delight. Kat showed her sign to the band. Chris @ Latin Jesus and Andrew didn't get it, but Cale actually got it and sang it out to Andrew. Instantly, we flailed because the fact he actually got what the sign meant means something.

Cale seemed to be pleased when he was asked to sign the epic sign. The band then asked us if we got to see Kris at the autograph session venue and we told them 'no'. They asked us if we knew where the venue of the autograph session was and all of us pointed towards MidValley and they decided to drop there. They asked if we were going to the show.

Video of Cale signing Kat's sign:

They took time to sign autographs for us. Shiori got them to sign her RM50 note and Cale laughed and asked if it's legal tender. I gave them my CD to sign.

Latin Jesus signed my CD first. We asked what he thought of the weather and he said he loved it. We all told him that we hated it and laughed. We asked him if the band sampled any local food. He told us they didn't and they only had pizza last night. "You come all the way here, and you had pizza? What?"

Latin Jesus signing my CD.

With Latin Jesus.

Someone suggested to him to try durian and I said "NO! TRY NASI LEMAK!" and Ain added that he should try durian with sticky rice and cream. He said "Okay".

Andrew was next and Kat's silver marker was not letting him write/sign it and as a result, a splash of silver ink fell onto the CD. He kept saying "OMG I AM SO SORRY! YOUR CD IS SMUDGED. DON'T BE MAD I RUINED YOUR CD!" and I laughed at him and said it was alright.

The moment he 'ruined' my CD.

I forgave him, so it was all good.

Andrew and I.

Cale was next. My God, he is SO tall. Pictures don't justify how good-looking he really is. In fact, Kris's band members are nice people and they all have amazing smiles.

Cale signing my CD.


My CD autographed by the band. Spot Andrew's mark on my CD.

We thanked them for spending time with us to just talk with us until they were called by their handlers to go drop by and see Kris. We said goodbye and they told us to enjoy the show later. After they left, we continued flailing. Jerica, Susan and Wei Yng met up with us a few minutes later after getting Kris's autograph and mentioned that they saw Cale and called out his name and he waved back. We told them that we got their pics and autographs. Susan said that we got the band's autographs and they got Kris's autograph so it sort of balances out. All of us made our way to the ballroom. They already had the metal barricades dividing us line by line. We waited there by singing along to Adam Lambert's songs. At that moment, people were wondering who got the ticket number "0069" and it turned out to be me. They collectively flailed and got jealous. At that exact moment, I discovered that inside Kris's album was Adam Lambert's CD. I don't ship Kradam and I didn't do it on purpose. That's when the statement "Adam is inside Kris" came about. Phui San, Ain and Hasanah joined us shortly after. We resumed singing and talking.

Jerica says Kris's signature looks more of KILL ALLEN.

Malaysian ninjas waiting outside the ballroom.

Kat's epic sign of epic proportions.

Ticket number 0067-0070.

Kris's CD with the band's autographs.


Susan, Jerica, Yi Ming and Kavi began writing "ONTD_AI" on the back of Kat's sign so that the other people who go there would come to us. Unfortunately, people stared at us thinking we were insane and shunned us. We've been getting weird looks from the time of the autograph session. You don't get it, not our problem.

Then, my camera batteries died and I thought extra batteries. It turns out I didn't and I started panicking. I just ran and ran to the Cold Storage (which was a good 6 floors below the ballroom) and looked for batteries and got the rechargeable ones, thinking that it could work. So, I ran back up to the waiting area (it took me a good 7 minutes to run down and back up, I timed myself) and there were slow walking people in front of me and I politely told them to move and all I got was them swearing at me. If I wasn't in such a crisis, I would've told them off because my group was waiting for me at the front of the line and I had to hurry back or I'll be standing at the back of the line and given my height, I would not be able to see Kris (it's not like Kris is that tall anyway). I was already panting as it is, so I decided not to be a bitch and go back to my friends. I tried putting the batteries in and guess what? I didn't know that I had to recharge them first before using them. I started panicking again, until Wei Yng became my saviour and provided me with some batteries. And what do you know? IT WORKED! ALL HAIL WEI YNG!!!!!!!!!!

We waited to get in and threw a balloon around and it was nice that everyone tossed it back and forth. The security guards stood in front of us and instructed us to not push each other. They let us in, but someone in front of us kept pushing past security which made our security people stop us from entering and told us to quit pushing, especially there were two young children in front of us. A few seconds later, they continued to let us in and we let the two young ones in first and we followed suit. We exchanged our tickets for a yellow tag and the guy who was putting it on for me did it so slow, Kavi and Kat pulled me and I told the guy I'll do it myself and ran towards the entrances to get some nice spots.

Said yellow tags.

Little did we know that we were separated by the metal barricades and we ended up being so far away from the stage. The people in front of the stage included the winners of the M&G passes and media people, who showed no absolute interest in Kris. This is where I thought the organisers failed to plan well. When Ryan Star came down to KL in 2006, the media people/VIPs were upstairs and the fans were downstairs and pretty close to the stage and there were NO metal barricades. Not cool in putting the barricades. NOT COOL. I'm trying to not sound like a bitch here, but most of us behind the barricades won the tickets to see him. We were more enthusiastic to see him than the ones in front of the barricades. That was such a huge disappointment to me.

Since they had to pull off something like this in (probably) less than a week, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

People began yelling "WE WANT KRIS, WE WANT KRIS" like it was some chant. On the screen, they showed clips of Kris during the Idol finale where he performed Ain't No Sunshine, What's Going On, and No Boundaries. We grew tired of No Boundaries because we don't want to hear about natural disasters during a concert.

Then, JJ & Ean came up on stage and made us yell for Kris. They also threw out some goodie bags. They got a couple of people to sing No Boundaries and Live Like We're Dying on stage. The guy who sang No Boundaries actually sounded good. They made us yell some more and then told us to watch the StarWorld preview on the screen.

JJ & Ean working the crowd.

Dude singing No Boundaries.

Seconds later, Kris and his band appeared. Cue more screams and flails. He started off with Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise. There was a minor glitch with his microphone but he he got back in it and sounded terrific. Up next was Can't Stay Away and Before We Come Undone. He mentioned that he knew that Malaysians loved American Idol. "We read your mail, we get your gifts, we see all your tweets. We know Malaysia cares and we thank you". Everyone screamed. (I only realised on Thursday that it meant he saw

During Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise.

Can't Stay Away.

Before We Come Undone.

Then, he sang The Truth and
Red Guitar. Shiori later pointed out to me that one of us asked the band if they were playing Red Guitar. They said 'maybe' and we asked them to do it. See how epic we are?

During The Truth.

Drew and Latin Jesus during The Truth.

Drew, Latin Jesus and Cale during The Truth.

During Red Guitar.

Cale in action.

Andrew during The Truth.


After that, he sang Alright With Me. He told us to yell "Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah". A few of us yelled at him to look at Kat's sign but he chose to say "Oh look, there's a balloon" instead. Halfway through the song, I swear his eyeballs popped out and he continued to stare. I tried to figure out what he was so intently staring at and I looked in that direction. I saw that he was staring at the sign. I literally jumped up and down when he saw at it. HE SAW THE SIGN AND IT (LITERALLY) OPENED UP HIS EYES, HE SAW THE SIGN!

Alright With Me.

"I'm a little punk stealing your gay" "I'm a little pawn still in your game"


Sweaty Kris.

He sang Live Like We're Dying after that. I legit laughed at him when he pointed to the sky when he sang the line "If your plane fell out of the sky". So cheesy.

Live Like We're Dying.

*points to the sky*

More of Live Like We're Dying.


He left the stage and the crowd, feeling unsatisfied, yelled out "ENCORE! WE WANT MORE!". He came back five minutes later and sang Is It Over (the irony hahaha). Before he sang, he introduced the band members one by one. When it came to Cale, everyone screamed pretty loud. Kris looked at Cale and said "I think those were for you". Cale said something back to Kris (which I couldn't make out) and he laughed.

Singing Is It Over.


During Is It Over.

Final song was
Come Together. Boy, did he go crazy high-fiving the crowd or what?! He even crowd-surfed with the front row people. There was one moment where he was cheek-to-cheek with Cale. KRALE HAPPENED! We flailed.

Come Together.

He high-fived the crowd.


With that, the show ended. It was short, probably because it was a school night and all that. I wanted him to do Written All Over My Face and Falling Slowly/With or Without You, but hey, I'm not complaining!

We were still inside and people wanted to take our pics with our sign. I mean, random strangers, okay. Like what. TAKE THAT, PEOPLE WHO SHUNNED US BECAUSE OF OUR SIGNS!

We proceeded outside and posed with the banner. We hugged and waved goodbye to each other. It was such an epic night and I met SO many good friends who 'get' me. I don't feel like I'm being judged when I'm with them. It's nice to know there are like-minded people.

I came home a happy child (I saw Kris 'live', met the band, had Chocolate Chip Cream from Starbucks and naan + tandoori. Could life get any better?). Kris Allen, please come again to Malaysia. You are amazing.

Thank you, fellow Malaysian ninjas for the epic time. We're amazing. So nice to finally meet up with you guys.

Photo credits:
Susan, Wei Yng, Hasanah and The rest are mine.